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    87 Marine Parade Central , Singapore, 440087, Singapore
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    Are you looking for a holistic bilingual Chinese-English preschool programme that develops your child’s Mandarin skills and deepens their understanding of the Chinese culture? ELFA CHINESE PRESCHOOL has been operating preschools in Singapore and China for more than two decades. With a network of more than 30 preschool centres in Singapore and China, it is the most awarded Singapore preschool brand in China. Fusing the best early childhood practices in Singapore and China, ELFA has attained excellence in curriculum quality and school management, even in the most populous mandarin native-speaking country in the world. ELFA’s award-winning bilingual programme is suitable for children between the ages of 18 months and six years.  At ELFA, they strive to nurture children’s interest and build a strong foundation in Mandarin with early immersion in the Chinese language and culture. Their emphasis is on helping young learners acquire Chinese oral language and reading skills while moulding characters and instilling positive values. Their integrated thematic story-based approach emphasises Chinese language acquisition and is designed by a panel of advisors from China and Singapore, in line with guidelines provided by Singapore’s Ministry of Education. It encompasses six learning areas for early learners – Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Aesthetic and Creativity, Physical, Social Emotional and Environmental Awareness, and provides a wonder-filled universe where difficult concepts are simplified into engaging tales which children can easily understand and relate to. Their learning framework comprises four broad themes, with six distinct components to help children connect to their world. With this curriculum, children will be learning moral and values through traditions and folktales, and made aware of ethnic culture especially those that are relevant to Singapore’s context.  To ascertain the children’s development level in the language, selected Kindergarten 2 students undertake the HSK-Youth Chinese Test (Level 2) assessment every year. Their students who sat for the assessment in past years have fared well, a testament to the quality of education offered. Besides learning languages, ELFA’s Higher-Order-Thinking Maths programme enables students to learn Maths through stories where mathematical concepts and skills are brought to life. Children are given opportunities to apply newly acquired understanding and skills in their daily routine, making learning more exciting and meaningful. Higher-order mathematical concepts are introduced to older children to help challenge their minds. ELFA also emphasises fitness through the ELFA Physical Education programme, which builds agility and movement in the young. Fun, age-appropriate activities are introduced to all levels to ensure our children develop competent motor skills and acquire knowledge of their bodies. Enrichment programmes such as Chinese Speech and Drama and Chinese-inspired art programme are available. These programmes are designed to build positive learning dispositions and confidence in children and inspire their appreciation for art through eastern and western art teaching methods.