ELFA Chinese Preschool & Kindergarten

Are you looking for a holistic bilingual Chinese-English preschool programme that develops your child’s Mandarin skills and deepens their understanding of the Chinese culture?

At ELFA CHINESE PRESCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN, they place great emphasis on the acquisition of Chinese oral language and reading. They strive to nurture children’s interest and build a strong foundation in Mandarin with early immersion in the Chinese language and culture.

ELFA’s integrated thematic approach emphasises Chinese language acquisition and is designed by a panel of advisors from China and Singapore, in line with guidelines provided by Singapore’s Ministry of Education. At the end of kindergarten 2, students undertake the HSK-YCT assessment to benchmark their standards for Singapore’s Ministry of Education P1 Chinese syllabus. All students who sat for the assessment in 2019 passed with flying colours, with 45 percent of the cohort scoring full marks.

At ELFA, they have a Chinese-inspired art programme designed to build positive learning dispositions in children. The programme inculcates calm and composure, and help sustain their liking and appreciation for art through eastern and western art teaching methods. Its higher-order-thinking maths programme adopts a bilingual teaching format to bring alive mathematical concepts for in-depth understanding and sharpens thinking skills.

In 2020, ELFA celebrates operating Chinese preschools in Singapore for two decades. With a network of more than 30 preschool centres in Singapore and China, it is the most awarded Singapore preschool brand in China, attaining excellence in curriculum quality and school management. ELFA’s award-winning bilingual programme is suitable for children between the ages of 2 months and six years.