Online Meat Delivery 101: The Know-Hows Of Buying QUALITY Meats In Singapore

Singapore-based online butcher, Farmer's Market, offers tips and tricks to selecting quality meats that make sustainable and healthy meals.
17 March 2021

It’s important to know the origins of what you put into your mouth. Farmer’s Market can take the mystery out of buying meat and seafood in SG.

Looking for a place that offers some of best meat delivery services in Singapore? We’ve got you. When purchasing fruits and vegetables at the supermarket, it is easy to tell from the labels where they’re grown and whether they’re organic.  However, selecting meat and seafood can leave you confused about the animals’ origins. That’s where Farmer’s Market comes in! Here, founder Emma Pike shares three questions to ask when buying meat or seafood for your family.

1. Are Antibiotics or Hormones Present?

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Consider this analogy: A prime athlete’s body is fit and muscular. Alternatively, an athlete who uses hormones and steroids while eating a not-so-healthy diet can still look like the former. “On the outside, the difference might be negligible but, on the inside, it’s a different story,” Emma explains, pointing out that the same principle applies to choosing meat and seafood. “All meats look fairly the same,” she continues. “So, if you see something retailing for $10 and a similar product for $5, you might err towards the latter without asking questions.” But, would you prefer to have clear information about how the animal was raised and where the meat is from, so that you can be confident it is clean, lean and full of good protein?

“Since I started Farmer’s Market in Hong Kong five years ago,” Emma says, “I have been committed to ensuring that nothing in our online store contains hormones or antibiotics. Anything that I would not choose to eat or buy, I will not sell to my customers.”

2. What and How was the Animal Fed?

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Many people are moving towards 100 percent grass-fed these days,” explains Emma, who notes Farmer’s Market specialises in sourcing this type of beef from Australia and New Zealand “for the health benefits and the superior taste and texture”. But, depending on personal tastes, you may prefer a different type of beef. Here’s what each label means:

  • 100 percent grass-fed: The animal has been grass-fed in a paddock its entire life.
  • Grass-fed: This is ambiguous, as it often means the animal has been grass-fed for a portion of its life, ranging from a period of a month till up to two years.
  • Grain-finished: Normally the labels should indicate the duration of feeding. Between 110 and 150 days is normal. Feeding grain fattens the animals up and adds marbling to the meat.
  • Grain-fed: The animal has been fed only grain its entire life. “I would ask more questions, if this is the case,” Emma notes. “For example, was the cow housed only in a feed-lot for its life, or roaming free and eating grain as its main meal? The latter is often the case in dry areas like Queensland, Australia and the U.S., due to the lack of grass for grazing.”

3. How was the Salmon Raised?

“While ‘wild caught’ may sound nice, it’s not always what it seems. Large-scale fishing operations use techniques like super- and bottom-trawling, which wreak havoc on the marine environment,” says Emma. “Finding a sustainable salmon-fishing operation is near impossible when done on the large-scale.” The supply can’t meet the demand, either. It is estimated that more than 90 percent of the salmon in the ocean has already been depleted.

Instead, Farmer’s Market sources salmon from NZ King Salmon, known for producing the only ocean-farmed salmon to have been awarded a green “Best Choice” rating from the highly respected Seafood Watch programme. “If you stick to these basic principles,” Emma concludes, “you can feel confident you understand where your meat and fish is from, how they were raised and how the meat was processed before arriving in the store.”

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By Emma Pike for The Finder Issue 306, March 2021 / Images: Courtesy of Farmer’s Market.

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