10 BEST Fitness Apps To Help You WORK OUT From Home With EASE

You don't have any excuse not to exercise. Not even staying home because of Covid-19!
02 August 2020

These cool apps will help you keep fit more effectively.

If you are like any working professional in Singapore, chances are you’re either neck deep in social obligations or constantly stuck at your office desk. What that means is you’re likely leading a sedentary lifestyle, and find it increasingly difficult to portion out time (or energy) for some exercise.

Now, that the coronavirus has nearly all of us working from home in Singapore, it may be even more challenging to stay fit.

Thankfully, shelling out cash to sign up for a gym package or to hire a personal trainer isn’t always necessary when everything’s available on your smartphone.

In fact, there is an array of fitness apps that can help you tone up and generate some much needed endorphins in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, here are the eight best fitness apps to help you to work out at home.

Bonus: Some SG fitness studios are even offering free workouts on Instagram. Check ’em out!

By Cheryl Lim, October 2019 / Some text adapted from Shape Singapore (first appeared on Bankbazaar.sg) / Last Updated: April 2020 / Images: Screenshots from App Store/ Updated by Jashleen Kaur + Kirstie-mae Baptist, August 2020

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