#FinderSGFaves 2019: Educate Your Child At This ENGAGING And ALL-INCLUSIVE International School In Singapore

Founder of forward-thinking, kid focused White Lodge Education Group
16 September 2019

As a parent of two young ones, Jayne Nadarajoo realised that the childhood education curriculum in Singapore was heavily focused on academic excellence, and not on long-term intellectual and emotional growth.

“I wasn’t really satisfied with how my children were being nurtured in school,” says Jayne, a mother of now 24-year-old Saktish and 20-year-old Kenisha. With a background in early childhood and special needs education, she decided to found her own kindergarten in 1999 – and the first White Lodge location opened in Bukit Timah.

Read more about founder of White Lodge Education Group, Jayne Nadarajoo, here!

By Sara Lyle Bow, Muneerah Bee, Melodi Ghui + Christopher Ong Ujine, The Finder Issue 300, September 2019 

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TFS 300

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