Straight From The Source: THE Go-To Place To Buy Affordable, Organic And Sustainable Foods In Singapore

With ShiokFarm, you’re guaranteed fresh, sustainable produce conveniently delivered within Singapore – all while being offered a way to offset your carbon footprint.
22 March 2021

When Claire Chabrieres started ShiokFarm six years ago, she had one goal in mind…

Find a way to provide clean, affordable, traceable, 100 percent organic fruit and vegetables to families in Singapore. What she didn’t realise then? How much of that journey would become a path to building a more sustainable ecosystem here in Southeast Asia – thousands of miles away from her upbringing in the south of France. Here’s how buying affordable organic foods from ShiokFarm Singapore help to reduce carbon footprint:

(Simply) Save the Earth 

“The ecological crisis the planet is facing today can seem overwhelming and irreversible at times,” shares Claire, who says there is one simple action people can take to positively influence the ecosystem: Plant a tree.

Indeed, reducing our carbon footprint is at the core of what Claire and her team at ShiokFarm aim to do. How so? Living in land-scarce Singapore means that the bulk of what people eat here is either trucked or flown in. A family who eats 10 kilograms of fruit and vegetables every week for a year – flown in from Australia, for instance – will need to plant three trees per year to offset the carbon dioxide generated! However, if the same family decides to obtain its greens by truck from Thailand instead, they could wait 10 years before needing to plant a tree to offset the same carbon footprint.

How to Eat Local Here

Eating organic foods isn’t just about consuming the freshest produce in Singapore. Clearly, eating local and regional can have a big impact on the environment. As a social enterprise, ShiokFarm strives to give consumers here such sustainably produced fruit and vegetables. “We do this by partnering organic farms in Thailand and Malaysia, and trucking in as much produce as possible,” explains Claire, who notes that, occasionally, produce is flown in from Australia, but only for items that cannot be grown closer to home.

Want to be a part of this movement? Message ShiokFarm at 8788 0814 to join its WhatsApp group. Every Thursday, you’ll be notified of the fresh, organic produce that farmers will be sending to SG the following week.

You can also subscribe on its site to receive a bag of plastic-free organic fruit and vegetables each week. The bags come in eight sizes with a different mix of produce – from the 3 kg. Fruit Weekly Organic Bag ($43 per week or $188 each month) to the 6 kg. Healthy Paleo Diet Weekly Organic Bag ($90 a week; $388 a month). The bags are delivered to a collection point or your home.

Growing Community

ShiokFarm recently launched a Plant a Tree programme, helping people in Singapore to offset their carbon footprint. With this programme, customers can buy a kit to plant saplings at home in pots (the price of the kit is $48.50, which includes delivery). Once they are old enough (six months to one year), they are planted in designated areas across the island. You can even name your tree!

Shiok Farm
WhatsApp: 8788 0814

By Claire Chabrieres for The Finder Issue 306, March 2021 / Images: Courtesy of ShiokFarm.

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