Stay Home Notice In Singapore: Tips & Tricks To Get Through Quarantine

Serving a Stay Home Notice in Singapore may seem scary, but this list of things will keep you prepped and primed for your stay.
17 December 2020

So you’ve just touched down in Singapore, cleared immigration and what’s next? Mandatory Stay Home Notice (SHN).

Serving a Stay Home Notice in Singapore may seem scary at first, but this list of things will keep you prepped and primed for your stay. From activities to stave off boredom to HDMI cables to access a variety of content – the 14-day Stay Home Notice (or 7 on some cases) in Singapore may just fly by before you know it.

First things first, what’s a Stay Home Notice in Singapore?

All persons arriving in Singapore, regardless of nationality, are subject to mandatory SHN – which is basically quarantining in an assigned place. Meaning? You are not allowed outside of your room unless you’re heading to your Covid swab test appointment. Don’t worry, food and other necessities will be delivered right to your door, and your loved ones are welcome to send you food packages as well – but no visits! Yeah, SG means *business.

[*Individuals who breach their SHNs may be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases (COVID-19 – Stay Orders) Regulations 2020. First-time offenders can be fined up to $10,000, jailed for up to six months or both. Yeah, SG means business. (This explains everything you need to know about SHN rules and regulations.)]

For How Long And Where?

Depending on where you’re coming from, you may be required to stay in a dedicated facility (which are usually assigned hotel rooms) for 14 days. You will be informed of the location upon your arrival. However, if you’re arriving from countries that have been labeled “exceptions”, you may serve a shorter duration at your own homes or not need to serve at all. Consult our handy article for everything you have to know about the latest Covid-19 travel rules.

What to expect when serving a Stay Home Notice in Singapore

We have curated a list of tips and tricks from former SHN individuals (from the “Singapore Hotel Quarantine Information & Experience” Facebook group and some team insiders) that will make your stay a good one.

*Please note that the tips kindly provided by the individuals we consulted vary depending on the hotel one is assigned to. Not all hotels will provide the same amenities. However, these tips may still be useful in one’s preparation.

Check out these tried-and-tested Stay Home Notice (SHN) hacks below!

1. The Mandatories
2. Tech Hacks
3. Staving Off Boredom Hacks
4. Food & Amenities Hacks
5. Words of encouragement from former SHN individuals

*Note: SHN official information is compiled from government agencies (International Checkpoints Authority (ICA), the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Ministry of Health (MOH)). All SHN tips and experiences quoted are kindly provided (with permission) by former SHN individuals credited from the “Singapore Hotel Quarantine Information & Experience” Facebook group and from friends of The Finder. 

By Willaine G. Tan, November 2020. Images: 

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