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10 Tips to Maximize Small Spaces

Singapore is small. So small in fact, there is a Wikipedia entry explaining the term “little red dot” in relation to Singapore. The term “has come to be used by both Singaporean politicians and ordinary citizens with pride and a sense of the nation’s success despite its physical limitations (Wikipedia).”

While your condo is not a little red dot on a map, decorating your “cozy” space in a manner that affords you enough living space, sleeping space and storage space successfully, can fill you with the same sense of pride considering the physical limitations of your home.

Unless of course, you’re like some (not us, of course), with cramped and cluttered quarters, that leave you frazzled and fried the minute you get home.

Let The Finder help. We’ve got the tips from around the internet to help you maximize the minimum space you inhabit.


1. Use minimal, larger furniture, instead of more, smaller pieces. Opt for a large sofa that seats 3 or more as opposed to two smaller love seats. Smaller tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture, will keep the space feeling cramped and likely impede traffic flow. One or two large but essential pieces of furniture will help to keep you space feel more open.


2. Look for furniture that can serve dual purposes: opt for a coffee table with storage space; Large decorative pillows can double as casual floor seating; smaller book shelves can be as table tops; smaller stools can serve as seating or side tables.


3. Look up. Put the often un-utilized space between the sofa and ceiling to work by installing shelving. Move beds up onto stilts (like bunk beds without the bottom bunk) to create more floor or storage space. This works great in kids rooms!  


4. Creating more space is all about drawing the eye upward. In addition to shelves, shelves and more shelves, hang curtains floor to ceiling.


5. Use mirrors wisely. A well placed mirror can give the illusion of more space but don’t overdo it. One per room is plenty, otherwise you may as well just install that disco ball.


6. Go digital: music, books, pictures, etc. While a well-stocked book shelf can be a great conversation starter, when space is a premium, focus on function (and think of the improvement to your conversation skills!).


7. But you also want a few personal touches…rotate your favourite display pieces. Have some great tchotchkes you picked up in Bali? Great! Put a few out and then rotate every couple of months. Not only will it reduce clutter but it’s an easy way to refresh your space regularly.


8. Keep walls and floor light coloured and use a few accent pieces to add colour. Try to keep colours in the same family to further the illusion of more space.


9. Create “zones” with the clever use of smaller rugs; hang sheer curtains; or strategically place furniture to give the illusion of separate spaces.


10. Go outside! I know, this is Singapore, where the temperature goes from hot to hotter. While it may be appealing to close up the place and leave the air con blasting, try installing a ceiling fan to create a breeze and extend your living space further. (I have yet to try this one but I hear it works wonders!)

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By Kathleen Siddell, June 2015

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