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12 EASY Mosquito-Repelling Plants For Your Singapore Home To Keep It Dengue- and Zika-Free

Singapore had its first case of locally transmitted Zika virus infection back on 27 August, 2016, and the number of Zika quickly climbed to 56.

Though the Zika panic has mostly died down, researchers say the virus is still on the rise around the world.

Similarly, in wet, hot Singapore – a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and, as a result, mosquito-born illness – dengue cases have seen a spike in recent years.

According to a 16 July, 2019, story in The Straits Times, “The number of dengue cases in a week has hit a 3½-year high, with 666 cases recorded last week, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said.”

More recently, on 18 September 2019, The Straits Times reported a zika cluster in Serangoon Gardens.


Instead of automatically reaching for a chemical insect repellent (which many experts do recommend, just SYK), let these low-maintenance plants help to do the job around your house.

You might also want to check out our story on natural oils to use to prevent mosquito bites, and some helpful “dos” and “don’ts” to avoid common SG illnesses.

1. Citronella

40286806 – all natural citronella plant mosquito repellant leaves

Pro tip: crush the leaves and apply the oil directly onto your skin to use as a mosquito repellent!

2. Basil

40915301 – fresh organic basil leaves on a wooden table

3. Catnip

35348300 – kitten and grass

Just make sure your pet cat isn’t having too much fun around the catnip!

4. Garlic

36577360 – peeled garlic in bowl

Pro tip: Don’t want to actually plant garlic? Simply cut up some cloves and sprinkle them around your living area.

5. Lavender

56628284 – lavender in bottles, decor provance style, wooden box and birdcage on crochet tablecloth

6. Marigold

45537200 – marigold

Pro tip: Bright blooms may attract wasps instead, so keep your potted marigolds near entrances to your home or other common mosquito entry points, rather than in outdoor areas like your patio.

7. Lemon balm

39592372 – lemon balm

8. Lemongrass

61334961 – fresh lemongrass on wooden background.

9. Mint

40618049 – green fresh melissa leaves close up

Pro tip: snip off a few sprigs to add into your drink if you’re planning to sneak a cheeky mojito into your evening!

10. Rosemary

55156303 – rosemary plant in a square pot, on white stone background.

11. Geranium

42185998 – flowers geranium on balcony in gorski kotar, croatia

12. Lemon thyme

53902640 – lemon thyme plant in a paper bag on wooden background. shallow dof

By Pinky Chng, August 2016 / Last updated: Melodi Ghui, September 2019

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