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13 Messy Eating Restaurants In Singapore That Make BIG GROUP Dinners Fun For Everyone

We’re talking about the people, the food, and the mess.

Looking to catch up with your buddies over a good meal? Gather the squad and head out to these spots on your next night out. These restaurants are perfect for big group dinners!

Check out this video about some of the standouts, and read about all of them in the gallery below.

1. Potato Head Singapore

Mmm, round, squishy buns. Burger buns, we mean. And if these are the mark of a great burger joint, fix your eyes on Potato Head‘s in all its glorious fluffiness. Faves include the Truff Ryder with a Wagyu beef patty and pan-seared foie gras, and the Honky-Tonk, buttermilk fried chicken playfully dressed in Big Poppa ‘hot sauce’ and miso mayo. Have we also mentioned their rooftop bar?

36 Keong Saik Rd, 089143

2. Artichoke

If left alone, you might just find yourself eventually single-handedly mopping up the last of their addictive mezze dips (from $10).

Best to go in a group for the plentiful sharing plates like Green Harissa Prawns ($38) with split cream and charred onions, and famed Lambgasm – a roasted lamb shoulder which requires a 48-hour pre-order and weighs in at around 2.4 kilogrammes ($250).

161 Middle Rd, 188978

3. Vatos Urban Tacos

Marry the flavour explosions of both Mexican and Korean cuisines and you get the best of both worlds at KoMex joint Vatos Urban Tacos. Tuck into Kimchi Carnitas Fries ($19), signature Baja Fish or Galbi Short Rib Tacos (from $13), Mango Prawn Quesadillas ($22). Wash it all down with Makgeolitas ($30) – a tequilameets-makgeolli (Korean rice alcohol) drink.

South Beach, #01-03, 36 Beach Rd, 189677

4. The Halia

A family that eats together stays together — that’s the mantra behind this Asian-inspired haunt’s communal menu ($240), which is good for four. On the menu: Blackmore Wagyu Spare Rib with pickles and a spiced barbecue sauce, and Sticky Toffee Pudding with a side of hazelnut ice cream. Oh, and we recommend the namesake Halia Sangria, also served in a communal jug.

Singapore Botanic Garden (Ginger Garden), 1 Cluny Rd, 259569

5. Camp Kilo Charcoal Club

Dining at Camp Kilo Charcoal Club is like going for a backyard barbecue party of a badass old friend, who happens to cook really well. Catch up at long picnic-style tables, or go behind the resto to watch a whole hog roasting on a spit ($12 per 100 grammes). Even the desserts pay homage to the home party theme. Mum’s Apple Pie ($10), anyone?

#01-01, 66 Kampong Bugis, 338987

6. Seorae

In case you can’t tell, we’re firm believers that BBQ is always a good idea for groups. Korean barbecue included. At Seorae, you get to grill your meats at your own table; they specialise in Korean Galmaesigal (pictured), a premium cut of pork skirt that’s denser and more luxurious. It’s even said to have been served exclusively to the Royal Family of Korea in ancient times!

Plaza Singapura, #02-01, 68 Orchard Rd, 238839

7. Dian Xiao Er

This Chinese restaurant chain‘s various outlets around the island are all designed to evoke ancient oriental inns. All the better to savour authentic cuisine! And no table does without their signature Herbal Roast Duck (from $15), marinated with a myriad of herbs and spices, then roasted to a perfect golden brown. The result: Tender, juicy duck oozing a powerful herby fragrance, crispy skin donned over a layer of gratifying fat.

Various locations

8. Overeasy

It’s not every day that you can agree amongst a group about having something shoved up someone’s behind. But everyone will love the Beer Can Chicken (pictured), whose, um, stuffed posterior allows the meat retain its moisture while being roasted to potent perfection. Down at the bar, you’ll love their Overeasy Mojito. Not big on booze? We love their M&M’s milkshake in particular.

One Fullerton, #01-06, 1 Fullerton Rd, 049213

9. Timbre

A list about group dining ideas isn’t complete without pizza thrown in. Our ideal pizza party looks something like this: unconventional picks like Timbre‘s crowd favourite Roasted Duck Pizza (pictured). All while a live band – it could be a full-on rock set or a jazzy kind of thing — seranades you through the night.

The Substation, 45 Armenian St, 179936

10. Seafood Paradise

Want everyone to have the quintessentially Singaporean food experience? It’s got to be chilli crab, of course. Seafood Paradise is one of our faves, in part because of their addictive, tangy chilli crab, but also because of their other crustacean variations like the intensely creamy and buttery, well, Creamy Butter Crab.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, #02-03, 8 Bayfront Ave, 018955 

11. Table Manners

Planning a gathering with your colleagues for a long lunch? Enjoy the freedom to build your very own lunch platter from Table Manners‘ selection of favourites. There’s also a myriad of delicious options for dinner that you can wash down with various craft beers and cocktails. How’s that for ending the work day on a high note?

Changi City Point (Level 1, The Oasis), #01-68/69, 5 Changi Business Park Central, 486038

12. The Botanic

Dine with your fam in a nature-inspired setting with a menu of delicious plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, organic meat and seafood. Dishes also showcase eclectic Asian flavours and Mediterranean inspirations, while the sustainable and organic wine list and fruit-based cocktails and mocktails will add on to your dining experience there.

Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-22A, 252 North Bridge Road, 179103

13. Food For Thought

Housed in the National Museum of Singapore, Food For Thought serves up hearty, community-inspired bistro fare in Southeast Asian flavours with a globalised influence. Plus, the restaurant group aims to build community by bringing people together through good food centered around good causes.

Fun fact: The menu showcases unique food dishes inspired by exhibits within the museum too!

National Museum of Singapore, #01-04/05, 93 Stamford Rd, 178897

14. Copper Chimney

Of course, many Indian restaurants serve dishes family-style. What makes Copper Chimney special? Its unique halal (Muslim-law certified) North Indian and Chinese-Indian cuisine. Plus, the resto’s menu is abundant with vegetarian and meat options so everyone gets to dine.

100 Syed Alwi Rd, 207676

15. Crab in Da Bag

Messy eating is what makes communal dining fun. Enter Crab in Da Bag, where silverware is done without, and you’re free to get down and dirty with all there is in, yes, a bag: crabs, tiger prawns, Boston lobsters, Venus clams, squid and more (from $19 to $160).

 #01-01, 1 Nassim Rd, 258458

By Pinky Chng + Melodi Ghui, The Finder Issue 301 / Updated by Muneerah Bee, December 2019

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