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2 Exclusive Discounts to Help You Get You Fit

Get on the right track to fitness with these fabulous discounts!


I used to run a lot, like, marathon and half-marathons a lot. My number-one New Year’s resolution? To get back into it… in Singapore. So, I’ve been researching trails, best times to run and gear. That’s why I’m so excited to share these two exclusive discounts for The Finder readers. Just flash this page to score.


Sneaks that Fit

Check your gait with the pros at the Running Lab. And get 15 percent off all regular-priced items this month. Not valid with other promos, vouchers, discounts, etc. (www.runninglab.com for locations)


Music to Your Ears

Don’t you hate when ear buds won’t stay in? The LG TONE Active with Bluetooth has solved the problem for me! Save 10 percent on the $189 retail price. (available at major electronics stores)


 Sara Lyle Bow, The Finder, January 2016

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