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3 Apps to Help You Manage Your Money

Take the fuss out of managing your personal finances in 2016 with a little help from these nifty apps. 



Timely payment of bills have never been this easy.

Great for: Helping you stay on top of bills
Best feature: It stores your payment history and confirmations once your bills have been paid.
How it works: Simply enter a description of each bill (for example, utilities), the amount to be paid and the due date. The app will then list the bills in chronological order and an alert will be sent to you as each payment date draws closer. When all bills are paid, it will retain your payment history in the form of confirmation numbers and receipts.
Download it from: The Apple App Store



What we love about this: the bright, cheerful interface – it sure makes personal budgeting a lot more fun to look at!

Great for: Expense tracking
Best feature: Receipts can be scanned, making it easy for you to log your spending.
How it works: Just key in your total income and savings goals, and a handy daily budget will be generated. This app will help you keep track of how much you earn, spend and save without the tedium of complicated numbers.
Download it from: The Apple App Store and Google Play



Don’t lie – we’re all guilty of hoarding membership and reward cards for the discounts and promotions they entitle us to, which tends to leave us with bloated wallets. This app goes a long way in lightening them.

Great for: Storing the barcodes of loyalty cards
Best feature: Its membership barcode scanning function.
How it works: The app uses your phone’s camera to scan barcodes and card numbers, and stores them in your phone. These can then be scanned straight from your phone by the cashier, eliminating the need to lug around the physical cards.
Download it from: The Apple App Store and Google Play


Gordon Ng, Her World Magazine, October 2015

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