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3 Books About Singapore’s Fascinating Buildings and Landmarks

Get to know Singapore’s famous architectural icons, as well as lesser known heritage sites and even its smaller off shore islands through these glossy pages.

Do you know there is a shrine for a German girl in Singapore? Have you seen the river mouth with a shape that resembles a side profile of a woman’s head? Curious? Experience a different side of the little red dot with these great books. 

1. Remains: A Singapore Journey 

By Kostas Ikonomopoulos 

Remains_A_Singapore_Journey book

An unorthodox travelogue, the book takes us on a journey through graveyards, stations, and assorted remnants of Singapore’s past in an effort to document locations and preserve stories. See how this island-city has shape-shifted from colonial backwater to glistening business hub at breakneck speed.

2. Faith in Architecture: 50 Houses of Worship in Singapore 

Edited By Dr Gül İnanç 

Faith in Architecture book

Sure, there are plenty of houses of worship in country (more than a thousand, in fact), but how aware are we of their artistic, diverse and divine features?

This semi-photobook gives 50 of these sacred spaces the voice to share their interesting stories. Take a step closer to understand and appreciate the art and culture of major faiths in Singapore as well as around the world. 

3. Over Singapore

Text by Tommy Koh, Photographs by Richard W J Koh

Over Singapore book

Ever wondered what Singapore looks like from high above? This aerial photography book provides a fresh angle of the country’s landscapes, landmarks and islands with more than 120 breath-taking photographs by award-winning photographer Richard W J Koh.

Fun fact: The amazing photographs were taken on board civilian and military helicopters as well as from strategic tall buildings. Take a peek here!

Muneerah Bee, February 2016 

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