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3 Easy Feng Shui Tips for 2016

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Feng Shui Master Clarice Chan shares her journey and how she deals with delivering negative readings. 


How did you become an expert in Feng Shui and astrology? Did you begin in one area before the other? How closely are they linked?

I have always had a passion in natural therapies, divinatory arts and metaphysic. To pursue my passion of living a holistic lifestyle, I left my job as a corporate travel manager in 2001. I started giving professional tarot readings in same year and I also attended courses run by many local and visiting Feng Shui teachers for four years, before including Feng Shui and astrology consultations to the list of my services

As I already have a following of clients through my tarot reading service, that helped me to intergrade Feng Shui and Chinese astrology as part of my services to my clients. I am very grateful to my clients for putting their trust in me.


We read that you discovered you were able to read the tarot intuitively. Does anyone else in your family share this gift?

Yes, my late father was a gifted palmist. Although he did not go into palmistry professionally, he has helped many people in his time.


Can anyone learn to read the zodiac through training?

Yes, anyone can learn to read the zodiacs but it may require a few years of training and understanding.


What do you tell someone whose reading is not very positive?

Personally, it is very important for me to deliver the reading a positive manner, even if there are negative implications. In the scenario where the reading is not showing much positivity, I will give guidance and directions to try to overcome any impending issues.


Are there animals which are considered the best or do they all have their positive and negative attributes?

All the 12 zodiac signs have both positive and negative traits. However, some signs are more popular than others.

A good example is the Dragon, as it is considered to be a very positive and auspicious. Traditionally, the Tiger used to be less popular as they are perceived to be harmful to the family but today, with the wealth of information out there about the zodiacs, people understand that all signs have strengthes and weaknesses.


What are your top three (easy) Feng Shui tips?

1) De-clutter regularly to keep the positive chi flowing. 
2) Keep your aquarium or water feature clean and healthy to improve prosperity.
3) Avoid sleeping or sitting under a beam for better clarity, advancement and better health.


About Clarice Chan

Clarice Chan is a Singaporean Feng Shui Master with a deep connection to the metaphysical realm. She works throughout Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. She is the author of ten editions of Your Fortune and the 2016 edition covers the customs and traditions of the Lunar New Year, feng shui remedies, and specific information on each Chinese zodiac sign. Her publications are distributed worldwide. 



By Sara Lyle Bow, The Finder, January 2016

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