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3 Mistakes We All Make When Buying Shoes For Our Kids

We all love dressing our kids up, but are we doing it wrong?

1. Thinking the earlier she starts wearing shoes, the faster she’ll learn to walk.

National University Hospital senior podiatrist Tiffany Tsao says there’s no need to start babies in footwear early, as their muscles are still developing and their gait is not stable.

In fact, letting them go barefoot (while indoors) helps with their balance and coordination, as the nerves in their feet develop by feeling the ground beneath them, adds senior podiatrist Jessica Tennant of Orchard Clinic Podiatry.

2. Letting him wear hand-me-down shoes.

Children should never wear second-hand shoes, says Jessica.

Shoes adjust and take on the shape of the wearer’s feet. This means if the first child has any foot problems, the second child wearing the shoes may also begin to suffer from the same problems, she adds.

3. Buying slightly bigger shoes. After all, your little one will outgrow them quickly!

If you don’t buy clothes, pants or footwear that are larger than your own body size, why would you buy shoes that are too big for your child?

The right size and fit is important when it comes to footwear, says Tiffany.

On average, she says it’s normal for toddlers to outgrow shoes every four months, and every six to eight months for 4- to 8-year-olds.

From The Finder, August 2016

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