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3 Scary Health Issues That Actually Aren’t That Dangerous (And 1 To Get Checked Out)

A bleeding nose is beyond gory, and discovering a lump is a health scare you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

Dr. Lynne Lim, Senior ENT Consultant at Lynne Lim Ear Nose Throat & Hearing Centre, explains what’s okay(ish) and what’s not.

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1. Nosebleeds

This is usually due to picking of the nose, causing trauma to the delicate blood vessels at the front of the nose bone area.

Avoid nasal trauma and treat any allergic rhinitis issues. Seek out treatment if the bleeding is heavy or persistent.

2. Tonsillitis  

Removing your tonsils isn’t the only solution to treat tonsillitis.

However, if your condition is refurring, the micro-organisms that are deep within the tonsil crypts may only be removed by surgery. Significant blocks in your airway or snoring due to the tonsils will require surgery to improve oxygenation during sleep.

3. (Cancerous?!) lumps 

Before you let your mind run wild: Your lymph nodes can swell or feel tender after a cough, flu, sinusitis or tonsillitis episode. These lumps are usually not palpable, and take a few weeks to shrink.

However, if the swelling is persistent, feels hard or has enlarged to more than a centimetre (two centimetres for children), it should be evaluated, and may require a fine needle aspiration at a clinic.

4. Ringing ears 

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can be caused by a wide number of problems. You will need to be examined thoroughly by a doctor in order to narrow down the actual cause. Some of the symptoms of tinnitus include a persistent ringing or whistling that only you can hear.

Treating tinnitus successfully depends on what is causing it. For example, if it is being caused by an underlying medical condition, then treating said condition will help eliminate tinnitus.

Tinnitus can also go away spontaneously, but you must also be prepared to accept that sometimes, there is no cure for it – so get it checked out to find out the best course of treatment.

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From The Finder (Issue 281), April 2017

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