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3 Small Ways To Be Happier

 It’s the little tweaks that make the biggest difference… so try these easy tactics!


Adopt The One-Minute Rule

Tackle a small chore every day, whether it’s making your bed or clearing out the fridge. They reassure you that you can manage order however busy you are. If that’s not possible, just do any one helpful thing in the house that takes about a minute. For example, put the lid back on the peanut butter, or file away an important letter. “This helps get rid of clutter,” says Gretchen. “People tell me when they do this, they are less weighed down by trivia and junk. They feel a huge burst of energy.”


Get Grateful

Get into the habit of having a moment of gratefulness every time you leave the house and every time you arrive home, using the transition as a prompt, suggests Gretchen Rubin, author of three books on happiness and founder of The Happiness Project blog. Or you could make your computer password a word that reminds you of what you love doing or set your screen saver to a photo of your children or a dog. “Use these images or words as your cue to be grateful so that soon it becomes a habit,” she says.


Stay In Touch

Having close relationships creates happiness, according to US researchers. One good habit is to text or email your parents and loved ones every day – even if it’s just a sentence or two. “Better to write that two-line text or email which is a little thing that will keep a relationship strong, than hold back for a long one that never gets written and makes you feel out of contact,” says Gretchen.


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By Bauer Syndication, Singapore Women’s Weekly, July 2015

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