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3 Steps to Buying a Pet in Singapore

Your family moved to Singapore a few months ago. You’ve fi nally adjusted to life on the island, and have decided that it’s time to get a pet for the whole family. But what happens after you’ve picked out your animal companion?



When you buy a pet from the pet store, the retailer will assess you to ensure that your family is suitable to be pet owners. The retailer must fill out the AVA Pet Purchase Declaration form, which you can download here.



Certain dog breeds such as the bull terrier and Rottweiler are listed as ‘Scheduled Dogs’. These types of dogs will require basic obedience training lessons from an AVAaccredited dog trainer. You will also need to take out insurance to cover potential damages towards other persons and properties, and a Banker’s Guarantee. The complete list of Scheduled Dogs, accredited trainers and licensing requirements can be accessed here.



Make sure to microchip your pet so it can be traced and returned to you if it gets lost. Sterilisation is also recommended by the AVA as it is said to help reduce aggressive behaviour and makes your pet less prone to disease.


Prefer to adopt? Read this.


By Hazel Vincent de Paul, The Finder, September 2015

Photo: 123rf.com

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