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4 D-I-Y Hacks That Actually Work

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make life just a tad easier – and you don’t have to fork out the cash for it! We show you how easy (and useful) these DIY hacks can be.


Put It On My Tab

“Are you suffering from a lack of closet space? Instead of getting a bigger wardrobe or cutting down on shopping hauls (noooo), save the tabs off canned drinks to act as hanger extensions. The best part is you can add on as many tabs per hanger chain as you like, depending on your wardrobe height.”

HOW IT WORKS: Tear the tabs off drink cans. Slide them through the hanger hooks. Repeat and extend the chain of hangers as long as you wish so you can maximise wardrobe space.


Tons of Bricks

“My charging cables are always in a tangled mess on my table, so this trick is super useful: if you’ve got lots of old Lego bricks and figures gathering dust from your childhood days (or you can steal some from your younger siblings), use them to keep the cables tucked away, but still on hand when you need them.”

HOW IT WORKS: Stick a magnet onto the back of a Lego figure, then slap it on a metal surface. Alternatively, secure Lego bricks to your key rings and stick them onto the side of your desk or computer so you can just grab them and go.


Powering Through

“The power sockets in my house are truly a lesson in ‘How Not to Design Things’. They’re fixed high up on our walls, and the charging cables for our phones are never long enough to reach the tables comfortably. So I fashioned a really simple cradle for our phones!”

HOW IT WORKS: Fold a plastic sheet in half, trace out a circle large enough for the charger to go through then cut out the circle. Slot in your phone from the side and you’re good to go! Paste stickers to up the cute factor.


Knock Your Socks Off

“Instead of buying a hair donut from the store, I make my own by recycling a pair of old socks. For curly hair, dampen your hair slightly and insert a ponytail into the centre of the donut and wrap it around the outer ring before securing with a clip or elastic band. You may need to do two or more sections to get the desired effect. Wake up and undo the rolls for curls!”

HOW IT WORKS: Just cut the toe section off, then roll them from the inside out to get a ring shape. You can layer one sock over the other for a fatter donut shape.

Need to stock up on supplies? We’ve got Singapore’s best DIY stores!

By Clara How, Grace Yeoh, Kit Chua, Natalie Pang, CLEO, January 2015

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