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4 Easy, Eco-Friendly Travel Tips And 5 Greenest Destinations Around The Region

Green globetrotters, unite! Every day off is Earth Day with these handy tips for striking places off your travel bucket list. 

Being environmentally friendly is not a daunting concept at all; it’s really all about small actions like recycling and switching off the lights to reduce our carbon footprint and ultimately, ensure Mother Earth is liveable for everyone. As jet-setters always on the lookout for new destinations to satisfy that #wanderlust, here’s how you can do your part even when you’re globetrotting.

1) Stay in eco-friendly places

With growing concerns about climate change, many people are finding ways to limit their impact on the environment, one of which is homesharing. Airbnb homes consume less energy than traditional accommodation per guest night by 63 percent, and produce lower greenhouse gas emissions by 61 percent, according to a study by Cleantech Group. There’s also a reduction of up to 39 percent in water use per guest night; that’s 3,000 Olympic-sized pools! Check out the gallery (below) featuring 5 of the greenest Airbnbs in SG’s neighbouring countries.


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2)  Use recycle bags

This is one of the easiest ways to go green, but sadly, is still an idea far-removed from Singaporeans’ consciousness. We could definitely do away with unnecessary plastic bags that can never break down completely, only spelling trouble for the environment. It won’t take much effort to slip one or two of those nifty recycle bags into your backpack when you’re heading out. Think about how many plastic bags you can save on just a day of shopping at Platinum Mall in Bangkok!


3)  Use a reusable water bottle

When we’re travelling, it’s so easy to just buy and throw bottles of mineral water, but that only contributes to one of the most prevalent forms of pollution. These plastic bottles can take centuries to decompose in landfills, and they absorb toxins as they slowly break down into fragments over time, becoming pretty much like environmental time bombs – yikes! Using a reusable water bottle is not just good news for the environment, it’s actually more friendly on your pocket, and you’ll tend to drink up more, so why not?

4) Get around like a local

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Take public transport, cycle or simply walk. If you’re travelling between cities, try taking a train or coach instead of a domestic flight – you’ll help to emit a whopping three to seven times less gas than air travel. A little goes a long way in reducing the stress on our environment.

Now, for 5 of the eco-friendliest places to stay in the region…

[advanced_gallery slug=”gallery-items-4-easy-eco-friendly-travel-tips-and-5-greenest-destinations-around-the-region”]

By Loh Pui Ying, HerWorld, April 21, 2017/ Additional Reporting: Debby Kwong, February 2018

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