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4 Fab Luxe Gourmet Grocers

You’ll never have to leave the house to get your hands on fresh produce, exotic ingredients and small-batch local products again. We promise.



Beyond the familiar repertoire of premium sashimi-grade seafood, Zairyo also offers exotic ingredients like shirako (cod milt) and ankimo (monkfish liver), most of which are purchased directly from the Tsukiji market in Tokyo, flash-frozen and flown here to maintain freshness. A curated selection of sauces, condiments and kitchenware forms the perfect supporting cast. Purchases must be made at least three working days in advance. Free delivery is available for purchases worth a total of $100 and above. For more information, visit www.zairyo.sg.



No mass-produced items of any sort here. Instead, you get a beautifully curated selection of artisan foods like marmalade and granola, as well as ceramic tableware, from local small batch food makers, chefs and kitchen artisans. There’s also an exclusive collection of collaboration items, such as a five-spice meat rub by Chef Shen Tan and balsamic jam from Labyrinth Restaurant. Having cravings for something local? Satiate them with Milo Granola or Singapore Sling Marmalade. Delivery starts at $5 for orders with a total weight of less than 5kg. For more information, visit www.batch.sg.



The gorgeous array of freshly harvested, certified organic produce from Europe is assembled into nine boxes of different categories – each containing eight to 10 types of the best available produce. Find pumpkins, turnips and beetroot in the Grandma’s Garden box, or sweet dates, persimmons and custard apples in the Simply Fruits box, for instance. Simply Fresh boxes are priced from $126 each, and are delivered free on a weekly basis, depending on the subscription. For more information, visit www.simplyfresh.sg.



Like Batch, Crateful focuses on bringing local artisan products to the limelight. For now, it seems to have gathered the largest group of local producers in one space. Food items run the gamut from nut butters and jams to almond milk and loose-leaf teas. Crateful also sets up pop-up stores and stands in weekend markets – perfect for anyone who may still have reservations about buying food directly off an online rack. Delivery is free for orders above $120.

For more information, visit www.crateful.com.sg.


By Tan Min Yan, Her World, February 2015

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