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4 Great Fitness Apps!

Can’t round up a fitness buddy to burn the calories with you? No problem. These fitness helpers will whip you quickly into shape. Another plus – they’re absolutely free.

Runtastic Six Pack

(Available at App Store and Google Play)

Dedicated to helping you blast tummy fat, this app offers preset plans of varying levels, and each plan (divided into days) eases you into the workout with exercises that gradually increase in difficulty after each day. You can also customise your own workouts by picking from the range of individual exercises available – the app helpfully indicates which part of your core the exercise works. Just grab an exercise mat and go – no extra equipment needed.


Sworkit – Circuit Training

(Available at App Store and Google Play)

Pick the type of workout (from strength training and cardio to yoga) and the body part (upper or lower body, core, or full body) you wish to tone, then decide how long you want the exercise to last. Its user-friendly interface with in-app illustrations of the moves makes working out easy. Watch the video if you’re unsure of how to execute a move.


The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout
(Available at App Store and Google Play)

Choose from three categories: Pick the 7 Minute Workout if you’re strapped for time; have the app customise a Smart Workout based on your selected fitness level; or take your pick from the Workout Library, which includes a variety that ranges from the Beginner 9 Minute Workout to The 21 Minute Cardio Blast. You can even create your own workouts by pulling together a number of bodyweight routines from the app. What we like most: Apart from a wall and a chair, you don’t need any other equipment.


Hot5 Fitness
(Available at App Store)

Each of the workouts – which ranges from yoga and Pilates to full-body cardio – lasts for only five minutes, but works you hard so you get the maximum effect in the shortest possible amount of time. You can do these workouts on their own, or supplement your fitness regimen with it. For a full-body workout, mix and match to create your own personalised routine. Pick from one of the nine feature trainers (they each have different routines), stream the video, and follow the simple instructions – you don’t even need Wi-Fi to load the videos.


How to Pick the Right Yoga Mat

Here’s what to look out for when buying one:

  • Thickness – The ideal thickness of a yoga mat should be 5mm to ensure there’s sufficient density and weight for it to resist bunching up.
  • Material Yoga – mats made of natural rubber are usually more durable and made with less chemicals, hence making it more suitable for those with sensitive skin. Also, they’re denser and don’t bunch up easily.
  • Texture – Opt for mats made with open-cell technology, which helps make the mat antibacterial and sweat resistant. Choosing mats with nubs will help with friction as well.

We recommend: Zanfit Elite Ultra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat, $17.90, from www.nutritionpark.com. The mat comes with a slightly textured surface with grooves to help keep it from shifting as you go about doing your yoga poses. It’s also made from a high-density PVC foam for extra comfort and comes with two elastic straps for ease of transport and storage.


After downloading, head to one of these fab gyms!

By Wendy Yee, Her World Fit & Fab, Issue #3 2014

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