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4 Natural Oils To Repel Mosquitoes In Your Home In Singapore

Protect your home with DIY mosquito repellent

The recent Dengue and Zika scares got everyone scrambling for insect repellent and insecticides.

Which then led up to an insect repellent scare and how certain chemicals in store-bought repellents could be harmful to your health.

Geez, is there any way to win this battle?!

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Unlike off-the-shelf sprays and lotions, repellents made from essential oils are suitable for infants and children as they do not contain harmful chemicals. While the oils will not kill the insects, it will deter them.

They can be used in a variety of methods:

This is the most effective method of dispersal. Mix equal parts of each essential oil and add the blend to a candle burner or electric vaporiser. 

Add a few drops of the blend into a spray bottle and dilute with water. Shake well before spraying on clothing, linen or curtains. This method is less potent than vaporising as the mixture is less concentrated, but it’s a quick fix if you don’t have a vaporiser.

Apply directly
To apply essential oils on your skin, you need to mix it with a base oil or cream first. KK recommends adding about three to five drops of essential oil per 30ml of carrier. A good cream base you can use is organic raw shea butter, which is mild enough for use on a baby’s skin. Shea butter moisturises the skin and provides relief for itch. You can also use an olive oil or coconut oil base.

Here are four essential oils to stock up on – you can either use each on its own, or combine them, to keep mosquitoes at bay.

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