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4 Ways to Kick Start Your Morning

How you kick off your morning can make a huge difference to your well-being for the rest of the day. Work these 4 easy steps into your daily routine.



While you’re still in bed, wake up your muscles with a nice long stretch. “Stretching warms the muscles and relaxes the joints,” says Li Si Yang, a personal trainer and nutritional coach, and owner of the Hawaii-based Journey To Fitness. “This is especially useful if your body always feels stiff in the morning.” Simply lie on your back and push your arms and legs away from you as far as you can. Do this for a couple of minutes. You can also roll your back against a foam roller to massage your shoulder and back muscles.



As you are getting ready to roll out of bed, think of at least one thing you have scheduled for the day that you can look forward to, says psychologist Daniel Koh from Insights Mind Centre. Come up with something, even if it’s small – for example, going window-shopping during your lunch break, calling a friend whom you haven’t spoken to in a while, or treating yourself to an afternoon coffee. “Your day ahead may be crazy, but you can always look on the bright side,” he explains. “This will set you up feeling confident, motivated, and in control of the rest of the day.”



A glass of warm water first thing in the morning helps hydrate your system. If you find the taste of plain water boring, add a dash of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to rebalance your pH levels, says Li Si. “Overnight, your body breaks down food and this can make your system quite acidic, so you need something that will have an alkalising effect. The water can also get your bowels moving and combat morning breath.”



Even if you’re in and out of the shower in five minutes, you can turn this daily ritual into something invigorating, says Cimone-Louise Fung, an intuitive coach from Sydney. Simply place several drops of your favourite aromatherapy essential oil onto a small washcloth. Hang the washcloth from the shower knob or place it on the floor, and let the steam release the oils into the air. As you breathe in the aromatic vapours, make a mental list of what you are grateful for, and don’t forget to smile. “This is the time to centre yourself and prepare for the day ahead,” says Cimone-Louise, “so really treasure the moment.”


By Young Parents, November 2014

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