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5 Apps to Grab a Taxi

Taxi booking apps are all the rage – here’s what you need on your phone:


Easy Taxi 

BOOKING FEE: $2 for non-peak hours; $3 for peak hours

Unlike other apps, you have to tap to request for a taxi before arriving at the page to input booking details. Entering your destination is compulsory, but there are no prompts (e.g. Foursquare) to help you confirm the exact address. There will be a booking fee of either $2 or $3 (it depends on when you book), but because taxi meters here only reflect standard booking rates ($2.30 or $3.30), you’ll have to ensure that the driver charges you $0.30 less than the fare reflected on the meter at the end of your journey – a slight hassle.



BOOKING FEE: $2.30 for non-peak hours; $3.30 for peak hours

Like other apps, this one lets you book a taxi to head to any destination. But Moobitaxi, which partners with www.hungrygowhere.com, also allows you to make restaurant reservations and book a ride by automatically selecting the eatery as your destination. There’s also a feature that lets you hail a cab without paying the app’s usual booking fees – simply check in on the app at your current location and wait for nearby cabbies to detect the alert. The catch: A pick-up is not guaranteed for this service, so only use it if you’re not in a rush.



BOOKING FEE: $2.30 for non-peak hours; $3.30 for peak hours

This is our go-to app when trying to get a cab during peak hours. Once you’ve keyed in your location and destination, it tells you how many drivers are in the vicinity and the approximate cost of the ride. Upon securing a cab, you’re able to see the driver’s contact details, licence plate number and current location. There’s also an option to hire a private premium car. Simply use the app’s Grabcar feature, which allows you to choose from three types of cars (four-, six- and 13-seaters) at fixed rates. 




This app has a two-tier system for hiring private cars: UberX gets you a regular sedan (such as a Toyota Corolla), while Uberexec gets you a luxe ride (think: a BMW 5-series). The default payment is by credit card, with no additional fees, so there’s no need to worry about not having enough cash. Riding with friends? The app lets you split the fare equally with selected phone contacts that are existing Uber users. The downside: There’s a minimum fare for both car categories, regardless of the distance travelled – you must pay at least $8 for an UberX ride, and a minimum of $12 for a Uberexec one.



BOOKING FEE: $2.30 for non-peak hours; $3.30 for peak hours

Booking is easy – just enter your location and destination, and request for a cab. You can track your cabby’s location via GPS as well.


All apps are free to download and available on both iOS and Android. 


By Wendy Yee, Her World, September 2014

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