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5 Awesome, Adrenaline Pumping Activities at Sentosa You Need to Do Now

From a small island to an even smaller island, Sentosa is dotted with adventure-packed activities that will leave you wanting more – so much more. The Finder checks out 5 thrilling activities on this tiny, fun-filled island for you and your family.

Getting to Sentosa: Take the monorail from Vivocity Level 3 to Beach Station or take a taxi to the Beach Station drop off point.


MAKING WAVES: Wave House Sentosa

To all the surfer dudes and gals out there, we apologize for the waves (or lack thereof) you experience at the beaches around Singapore. We know! Right in line with Singapore’s penchant for defying nature – see steel trees and climate-controlled domes – Wave House Sentosa could just be that one-stop solution for your wave-riding urges. A shout out goes to ‘The Wave’, an incredible fully-flowing, FlowBarrel® sheet wave that rises up to 3 feet (we’re not kidding) when cranked all the way up. Worry not about falling off your surf board, the surface is designed with a proprietary composite membrane that will absorb the shock even if you get wiped out. Simply get up and get on, again, and again, and again! No more expensive Bali trips!

Check http://www.wavehousesentosa.com/flowrider for height and age restrictions.

Getting there: Short walk from Beach Station.

UP, UP & AWAY: Skyline Luge

One of our absolute favourite things to do in Singapore! The only one-of-its-kind in Southeast Asia, the Sentosa Skyline Luge is a perfect activity for kids and the kid in you. Try visiting during sunset and hop on the chairlift (seats 4) which will bring you to the summit of the trail – along the way you can’t miss the spectacular view of the city skyline as the sun sets. Take selfies on the way up but be careful not to drop your phone! We spotted a sad and lonely flip-flop below us so wear proper shoes. Friendly instructors will assist you at the top into a Luge cart and newbies are given a quick but important safety briefing before you zoom off. Choose between the slower-paced Jungle Trail and the steeper, more thrilling Dragon Trail – both will bring you back to the same end point.

Children under the age of 6 years can ride in tandem with an adult.

Getting there: Short walk from Beach Station.


#YOLO. You only live once, err-body! Topping the bucket lists of virtually everyone on Earth – is the popular ‘skydiving’ answer. And you know what, unless you’re a trained parachuter in the Singapore Armed Forces, you’re not jumping out of a plane here anytime soon. But that’s no excuse, right? Singapore is home to the world’s largest indoor skydiving simulator – the iFly Singapore. Unlike actual skydiving which involves a lengthy training process and the risk of a malfunctioning parachute (touch wood!), indoor skydiving virtually does away with all that. An experience that lasts about two hours overall – from the briefing to gearing up and finally taking to the skies (a.k.a wind in this case). Oh yes, the wind tunnel is transparent and boasts the views of Siloso Beach and the sea.

For ages 7 and up.

Getting there: Short walk from Beach Station.

LEAP OF FAITH: MegaZip Adventure Park

Imagine zipping down over 450 metres of the Sentosa forest canopy with the steepest flying fox descent in Asia at over 70 metres. Or hop off the ParaJump leap point and dive 15 metres in freefall if you’re a true adrenaline junkie. If its land thrills you seek, the MegaZip Adventure Park also brings you an array of high ropes courses, a bungee jump and a rock climbing wall to satisfy the Spiderman in you.

Check http://www.megazip.com.sg/conditions-and-restrictions/ for height restrictions.

Getting there: From Beach Station, walk up Imbiah Hill Road.


Fun to watch and even more fun to perform, start your amateur acrobatic experience right now at The Flying Trapeze. This is probably the most difficult activity on the list! Start off by climbing the high ladder (watch those knees) which will bring you up top where you will be held by one of the expert staff as you grab on tightly to the trapeze bar. Once you’ve maintained a solid grip, you will then jump off the platform and swing. Couch potatoes beware, it takes a certain amount of core strength to be able to get your legs up and over the bar although if you do manage to pull of this feat, you will be duly rewarded with roaring applause from the onlookers below.

For ages 4 and above.

Getting there: Short walk from Beach Station (near Wave House)

By Joshua Tan, TheFinder.com.sg, May 2015

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