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5 Deliciously Easy MOCKTAIL Recipes To Make At Home

A few years back – during Singapore Cocktail Week, of all places – mocktails were deemed “the next big thing“. 

If you ask us, though, there’s always a time and place for an alcohol-free aperitif or sans-booze spritzer.

Sure, the extra time spent at home may be tempting you to drink more to fill your days (is wine or beer o’clock getting a little earlier with each passing week, perhaps?).

But, these swanky mocktails can be shared with your fam bam and don’t come with a hangover the next day. Here’s how to make them at home:

1. Sparkling Sangria

Ingredients: 3 cups grape juice, 3 cups carbonated water, LOTS of fruits – the more the better (apples, strawberries, oranges, plum, go wild!)

Recipe: Combine all the ingredients in a large pitcher and leave overnight to allow the flavours to mix. Try not to wolf it down before it’s ready – that’s the hardest part.

2. Safe Sex On The Beach

Ingredients: 50ml cranberry juice, 50ml grapefruit juice, 30ml peach nectar, ice

Recipe: Pour ingredients over ice and stir well. Done!

3. Pina No-lada

Ingredients: ¼ cup coconut water, ¼ cup coconut milk, 1 cup ice, ¼ cup diced pineapple chunks, ¼ banana

Recipe: Add everything into a blender and blend away until smooth. Enjoy.

4. No-jito

Ingredients: 100ml ginger ale, 50ml apple juice, 1 teaspoon brown sugar, 10ml simple syrup, mint leaves, 1 lime

Recipe: In a cocktail shaker, muddle the sugar, syrup, mint leaves, and freshly squeezed lime juice from the lime. Add the ginger ale and apple juice. Top up with more mint leaves to serve.

5. The Dark Invader

Ingredients: 50ml pineapple juice, 15ml vanilla syrup, 10 blackberries, ice

Recipe: Combine the pineapple juice, vanilla syrup, and blackberries in a cocktail shaker and muddle well. Then, add the ice and shake vigorously before straining into a glass.

By The Finder team, March 2016 / Updated by Jashleen Kaur, July 2020

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