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5 Food Delivery Services In Singapore That Are Actually Delicious

In this episode of MythBusters: THEY EXIST!

All you want to do is eat at home or work. Then, you wait more than an hour for cold, soggy or otherwise unappetising food. Never again! Bookmark these #FinderFinds.

1. Deliveroo

Charging a flat delivery fee of $3, Deliveroo makes it so much easier to enjoy your favourite restaurants’ fare – at your desk or in your pyjamas.

Its evergrowing list of partners means you won’t get bored with the cuisine options. The Finder tried the Wu-Tang Burger ($26.75) from The Butcher’s Club, a Sriracha beef patty topped with cheese, kimchi, mayo and tempura sweet potato, as well as Pho Stop’s Deep Fried Spring Rolls (4 for $10.27) and other Vietnamese staples (pho, coffee with condensed milk).

The short delivery time was impressive (the order arrived in less than a half hour!), and the food was fresh and flavour-packed. While the coffee lid leaked, the cup was smartly contained in a plastic bag.

Website: http://www.deliveroo.com.sg

2. Sarpino’s

Since 2001, Sarpino’s has been getting it right – with affordable pizza, delivered piping hot.

We tried the Classico Italiano and House Special ($18.80 for 10”), which has a thick, chewy dough and generous toppings (think more Pizza Hut than Pizzeria Mozza).

If you order over the phone, request the secret yoghurt sauce for the base instead of the usual marinara.

Watching your calories? Choose the thin crust over pan crust.

Tel: 6636 3636
Website: http://www.sarpinos.sg

3. Dial-A-Curry

You no longer have to make a trip to Little India to get your curry fix. Dial-A-Curry’s massive menu has something for everyone.

Try classics like the Butter Chicken ($17.35) with a delectable variety of naans and breads such as the Roomali Roti ($4.50), also known as “handkerchief bread” due to its supple, cloth-like texture – Dial-A-Curry’s is spot-on.

Website: http://www.dial-a-curry.com.sg

4. Maki-San

We know what you’re thinking: It’s crazy to order sushi for delivery! But our sushi-loving digital team swears by Maki-San.

Select your wrap base (seaweed, soy or crepe), rice (sushi or brown) and ingredients, from crunchy jellyfish to avocado. Then, top your rolls with a mindboggling selection of sprinkles and sauces.

Too lazy, er, busy to customise? Try house specials like the Salmon Says roll ($9.90 for 8 slices) or the Quack Quack! 9.90) – sweet potato glass noodles, smoked duck and fresh vegetables, drizzled in sesame dressing.

Website: http://order.rollwithmakisan.com

5. Hawker To Go

image: danielfooddiary.com

Singapore’s famed hawkers have gotten tech savvy. Hawker to Go has partnered with local food stalls and restaurants to bring you Singaporean classics like chilli crab, Hainanese chicken rice, satay and more via delivery.

Similarly, mobile app Hawker (via Apple iTunes or Google Play) lets you order from a wide selection of local dishes.

Bonus: no lingering hawker centre smell in your hair!

Website: http://www.hawkertogo.com and http://www.hawker.today

By Hazel Joanne Vincent De Paul, The Finder, May 2016

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