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5 Matters To Consider Before Accepting That Overseas Job

Definitely before you sign on the dotted line.

“I’ve always wanted to work overseas”

You’ve definitely heard a friend or two express their desire to explore “greener pastures” overseas. There are plenty of reasons for you to move to a new country, but if you’re going to a foreign country for work, there are several things you definitely need to consider before signing on the dotted line and accepting that overseas job:

1. Will I cope with my new colleagues?

If moving is not stressful enough, you also need to realise that you have your co-workers to deal with. This may be a bittersweet experience because there are people who will not like you from the moment you meet them. While you cannot control how people feel about you, you can choose to be professional and cordial with everyone.

It might be quite tough to gauge who you will be working with in a foreign land without being able to meet them, but you can request to arrange a video call with the direct team you’ll be working with. At least you will be able to get an initial feel as to whether or not you can gel with them.

2. Benefits that you will get


Before you agree to sign the contract for that overseas job, you should read about the possible benefits that you will be getting. These perks need to be worth the move to a new country. You should make sure that what you are being offered can meet both you and your family’s needs.

It probably goes without saying that the salary should be better than what you are currently getting, especially since you will need to cover for living expenses that you might not have previously incurred. You should make sure that you have health coverage as well. There’s also the small issue of moving, so you should probably also find out if they will get international movers such as Moovaz to sort out your belongings as well.

3. Will the overseas job promote growth?

Nobody wants to work in a company where they would not grow. Try and find out how the company can help to develop your career and personal life. Does the company actively promote growth, such as by organising training or seminars?

All this information will provide you with a better outlook on whether that is the right company to go overseas for or not. You should also have clear guidelines on what you are expected to do in your position. This will help you to concentrate on giving your best where it is demanded.

4. Working hours


This may not be crucial at first, but it is. You need to know how many hours you will be spending at work. This will determine how you will be able to balance your family commitments as well as other obligations.

5. The company’s values and beliefs

This is purely a moral factor. You should agree with the prospective company’s views. Is the company worth your commitment to the extent of relocating abroad? You should know what motivates you to get up and go to work so that your overseas experience will be productive.

All these and more should be fully considered before agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contract. Once you have made your decision, it is irreversible. Planning to relocate to another country for work reasons or otherwise has long-term implications and therefore, requires all of your careful thinking and planning. An overseas job might sound tempting in theory, but there are certainly a lot more things to consider than just the allure of working overseas.

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