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5 Must Try Korean Restaurants in Singapore

Korean BBQ has already established a space in the local dining scene, but it looks like there are many more who want a slice of the K-pie. These snazzy options are proof…



Named after its twin-brother owners, this eatery’s star is undoubtedly the fried chicken. Must-tries include the tantalising soy and garlic chicken wings, and the dakgangjung, or boneless fried chicken with sweet and spicy sauce. Perfect washed down with a mug of the unique ice-cream beer.

Where: 7 Craig Road

Tel: 6221 5205


Joo Bar

Joo Bar

Joo Bar’s understated shop-front belies an edgy interior where you’ll find unusual Korean eats and house-brewed drinks. As Singapore’s first and only bar to brew its own rice wine, its signature Makgeolli is a must-try, together with the roasted Mangalitsa belly.

Where: 5 Tan Quee Lan Street

Tel: 8138 1628


O’ma Spoon & Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe


Bingsus (shaved ice dessert similar to ice cream) have made their arrival with a big bang this past year, and shops that have got us licking our spoons are:

  • O’ma Spoon for its refreshing creations made with premium milk to achieve a snowflake-like texture. Toppings range from injeolmi (soya bean powder) to red bean and brownie squares.  

Where:  #04-20/32, 313@Somerset

Tel: 6333 0995

  • Nunsaram whips up melt-in-the-mouth bowls of shaved milk ice desserts. The Injeolmi bingsu is a hit – add a scoop of ice-cream for extra creaminess.

Where:  #05-51/52 Orchard Central


Sync Korean Tapas Bar


This Korean tapas bar serves plates of kimchi fries, chewy toppoki (rice cakes) with melted cheese, and hotteok (pan-fried pancake). Refresh your palate with a shot of peach soju.

Where: 12 Maju Avenue

Tel: 6282 0612


The Singapore Women’s Weekly, November 2015

Photos: courtesy restaurant Facebook pages

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