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5 Things to Consider When Picking a Preschool

The right preschool helps lay a strong foundation for your child’s education in later years. EtonHouse shares five things you should look out for when choosing a preschool for your child…

Preschool education is not only about developing skills in literacy and numeracy. It is absolutely critical in shaping a child’s personality, selfconcepts, social competence and overall disposition towards learning. So what should you be looking for?


1. Philosophy & Pedagogy

Different schools adopt different curriculum philosophies. It is important to look out for a holistic and stimulating curriculum based on pedagogical integrity and research based best practice. At EtonHouse, the inquiry centered ‘Inquire Think Learn’ curriculum hones students into competent thinkers and communicators. EtonHouse encourages its students to engage in rich and purposeful play to develop knowledge, academic skills and the skills to collaborate, negotiate and think critically and creatively in their interactions with their peers, adults and the community at large.


2. Bilingual Foundations

There is now a need to be well-equipped and eff ectively bilingual to function in cross-cultural settings. At EtonHouse, children are immersed in an integrated bilingual environment and are exposed to both English and Mandarin at all times. Students are immersed into Chinese Art, Performance Art, literature and festivities, developing in children a deep appreciation for Chinese language and culture from a young age.


3. Learning Environment

At EtonHouse, the learning environment is regarded a significant contributing factor to successful learning and teaching. Children have a right to a respectful environment. The carefully planned spaces with innovative and open-ended resources and learning materials create an environment for exploration, research and a life-long love for learning.


4. A Solid Teaching Team

Studies suggest that the key determinant of preschool education is the quality of the teaching staff. EtonHouse educators are carefully selected and handpicked from all over the world and undergo a comprehensive training and professional development programme. The child-teacher ratio is also very rich so that teachers can focus on each individual child and plan according to their interests.


5. Culture & Community

Children should feel valued in a nurturing environment so that they can grow up to become self-assured individuals. Active parents’ engagement and partnership between home and school will also enhance a child’s learning and create a sense of genuine community. With four new campuses around Singapore, EtonHouse is well-placed to help your child get a head start on the right foot.



EtonHouse International Schools

The EtonHouse Group has 11 preschools located in Robertson Walk, Claymore, Thomson Lane, Newton, Sentosa Island, 3 branches in Bukit Timah and 3 branches on Mountbatten Road. It also operates EtonHouse International School Broadrick that offers preschool to secondary levels.

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