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5 Ways To Get YOUR Child Interested In Reading In Singapore – By Expat Reamy Garcia


That was the sound that used to come from my grandfather’s typewriter keyboard. He would have been busy constructing test questionnaires for my two older cousins, who were both in Primary education back then. Lolo, as we called him, had become their private tutor ever since he retired from being a university professor.

That sound was my joy – my “go” signal: It meant I could sneak freely into his mini-library just opposite his office, which was technically beside his bed. There were six tall wooden shelves, in total, and all were filled with books arranged according to size and colour.

His mini-library was my wonderland. From the age of 4, I could “travel” half the world away without needing any visas or a passport, and “attend” historical events without any special invitations.

Today, being a busy, full-time mom hasn’t lessened my passion for reading – though my reading material has changed. I spend most of my free time on blogs, reviews, magazines and e-magazines. Since my motherhood journey started, I’ve also added self-help books to my reading list. The Chill Mom, about how to go from an anxious expectant mother to a relaxed, confident new parent, has been especially helpful.

My husband, Arthur, shares my belief that reading is an important tool in learning. Here are some of the ways we engage our 5-year-old Ar Xuel in “early” reading. (While we started these steps with him when he was 3, remember, every child is different, and acquires knowledge at his or her own pace.)

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From The Finder Kids (Vol. 26), March 2019

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