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6 Fantastic Whisky Bars in Singapore!

Whisky or whiskey?

The general agreement in this age old debate is that Ireland and the United State spell it ‘whiskey’ while the rest of the world spells it ‘whisky’, but why waste time arguing over a vowel and expend valuable whisky drinking time? You’ll be surprised to learn that the world’s foremost whisky drinkers per capita are the French! However, half of the world’s whisky is consumed by India. Nonetheless, there are enough varieties of whisky available in Singapore to satisfy everyone from the casual drinker to zealous whisky aficionados. 



First opened in 2006 by two locals, The Whisky Store was located at Cairnhill before moving to its current address at Havelock, where it was renamed Quaich Bar. Today, Quaich boasts one of the largest collection of whiskies in Singapore, with over 500 varieties at their outlet in Waterfront Plaza. Quaich has also been awarded ‘a Great Whiskey Bar of the World’ by The Whisky Magazine.

At 390A Havelock Rd, Singapore 169664



A piece of Scotland in the very heart of Clarke Quay, Highlander aims to preserve Scottish tradition with a modern-chic touch. The classy ambience and dim lighting is reminiscent of Scottish castles at dinner time – only missing a fireplace and Celtic music. Highlander carries over 300 whiskies, including the Tullibardine 1966 “World Cup Edition” that can be yours for just $12,000! If you fancy some less fancy, you can also enjoy Scottish cocktail concoctions like the Scotch Mist, The Loch Ness Monster and Scotsmopolitan.

At 3B River Valley Road #01-11, The Foundry, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179021


The Auld Alliance

If you’re game to try even more varieties of whisky (really?), The Auld Alliance is one of the largest whisky collections in the world (not just Singapore, we kid you not) with over 1,500 whiskies (starting 1866), including all the distilleries of Scotland, all the vintages from 1936 to 2000 and 200 Japanese whiskies.

At 9 Bras Basah Rd, Rendezvous Hotel Singapore, Singapore 189559


Fine Spirits by La Maison du Whisky

On the other end of the spectrum, Fine Sprits brings you a much smaller range of whiskies, carefully curated to reinforce their position as an independent specialist for whiskies. Indie means whiskies that are hard to find but a true kick comes from sampling unconventional names in the industry. Here you can also find Kavalan, a relatively new player from in the industry hailing from Taiwan that has taken the world’s whisky drinkers by storm.

At 80 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 239013


The Southbridge Hotel

This historic building in the heart of Chinatown houses a boutique hotel with not one, but two bars! One of them carries a respectable collection of fine whiskies (and Cubans, but we digress) in a beautifully designed live music lounge.

At 210 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058759


The Secret Mermaid

The clue is in the name. The Secret Mermaid always draws question marks from passer-bys who are intrigued by a bar seemingly hidden behind a half wall. A tasting room known for American craft whiskies – or bourbon, to be exact – this bar evokes an industrial, quasi-speakeasy feel (although it really isn’t all that secretive to be perfectly honest). 

At 10 Collyer Quay, #B1-08 Ocean Financial Centre, Singapore 049315


Have you heard of Singapore’s secret bars? Find them here http://thefinder.life/eat-drink/out-about-drinks/5-secret-bars-singapore

By Joshua Tan, TheFinder.com.sg, May 2015

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