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6 Places To Find The BEST Putu Piring in Singapore And Why You MUST TRY These Tasty Rice Flour Cakes

We look at where to get these nostalgia-inducing snacks.

Both kueh tutu and putu piring are steamed rice flour cakes. Putu piring is the Malay version where disc shaped steamed rice flour cakes have a filling of gula melaka, and are served with pandan leaves and shredded coconut. Kueh tutu, on the other hand, sports a floral shape from the mould it’s pressed in. The fillings for kueh tutu range from the traditional (coconut and peanut) to inventive flavours like chocolate and strawberry.

These old school snacks were once commonplace, served at pasar malams and via pushcarts that roamed the streets. Nowadays, a handful of stalls serve these and are still committed to preparing them the traditional way–by hand, and with optimum ingredients. With a regular and consistent fan following these kueh sellers have been able to expand to multiple outlets. Thus ensuring that the legacy of Singapore’s traditional foods do not fade away. Here is where to find the island’s best putu piring and kueh tutu.

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By Priyanka C. Agarwal, July 2018 / Updated by Muneerah Bee, March 2019

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