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6 Surprising Superfoods to Eat for Better Skin

If you haven’t jumped on the oral skincare bandwagon, chances are, you’re not quite sure which works best for you. Read on for a little help when it comes to food to turn back the effects of age and the harsh Singapore sun.

Sun-shielding foods

Tomatoes – Rich in lycopene (a strong antioxidant), tomatoes help protect skin against harmful UV rays.

Wild Salmon – Super rich in astaxanthin (another potent antioxidant that gives it the orangey-pink tint), it is also packed with essential fatty acids necessary for healthy skin.

Turmeric – Another good source of antioxidants, this helps protect collagen from UV damage to keep skin supple and firm.


Age-defying foods

Avocado – Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids necessary for glowing skin and healthy hair, this creamy fruit also helps support skin regeneration.

Berries – Packed with high content of antioxidants, choose from anything from blueberries or cranberries to help shield skin from free radical-induced ageing.

Dark Chocolate – Full of protein and vitamin B, a moderate dose helps boost metabolism and optimal cell function. But make sure it’s at least 70% cocoa.


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By Erica Leong & Joyce Cheo, Singapore Women’s Weekly, August 2014

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