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6 Unusual Uses for Orange Peels

As the Chinese New Year festivities wind down, you may find yourselves with a surplus of mandarin oranges. While they are a tasty reminder of your abundance and good fortune, they’re peels are also surprisingly useful.


Remove Water Stains

The oils in the orange peel can remove tough water stains from your metal fixtures. Just take the orange side of the peel, rub it on the stain and rinse with water. All that will be left is a fresh citrusy scent in your kitchen or bathroom.


Repels Insects

Oranges (and other citrus fruits) are a natural source of limonene — something mosquitoes, ants and flies detest. Grind up or diced up orange peels and leave them wherever you find pests. Replace with fresh peels once they’re dried up.


Shine Wood

Unlike when you’re polishing your metal fixtures, use the white side of the peel on wood to shine and buff.


Use as a Sponge

While larger orange peels tend to work better, try taking a mandarin peel to your kitchen counters and stove top as you would a sponge. They’re surprisingly absorbent.


Get Rid of Unwanted Smells

There are many ways to use orange peels to give your home fragrances a lift. Dry the peels, cut and make a small sachet for drawers and cabinets that can get musty. Place orange peels at the bottom of garbage bins before you put in your garbage bag. If you’ve wised up to using vinegar as a natural cleaner, mix a few orange peels in your spray bottle for a more pleasant scent. Get creative!


Soften Brown Sugar

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to bake only to find your brown sugar has gone hard and clumpy. A couple of orange peels placed right in the sugar container will soften the sugar in a couple of hours.  


Do you have any genius uses for orange peels. Log on to our Facebook page and let us know!


By Kathleen Siddell, February 2016

Photo: 123rf.com


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