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6 VPNs You Can Use In Singapore To UNBLOCK Netflix For Your Next Binge-Watching Sessions

Terminator got it wrong. It was 2016, and not 2017, that Skynet went online and Judgement Day came. That is, if you’re a Netflix user.

For Netflix subscribers, the year 2016 resulted in a lot of hair-pulling because they could no longer Netflix and chill with ease, as the network decided to start blocking Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) from their network and prevent people from accessing other countries’ Netflix (the media services company has a different library of movies and TV shows for every country that it is active in).

A cat-and-mouse game began as smaller VPN and smart Dynamic Name System (DNS) companies’ servers started failing due to the block. Still, there are workarounds. Here are some of the best services we can use right now.

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By Nathan Ng, March 2019

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