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7 BEST Restaurants In Singapore To Get Delicious Fish Dishes… That Are NOT Tuna

The day is all about conserving the fish and raising awareness on their diminishing numbers.

World Tuna Day was internationally recognised by the United Nations in 2017 to highlight the importance of tuna fish in the ocean and to raise awareness on sustainable fishing practices. Falling on May 2, the day is important because tuna — a significant source of food and an important factor in the eco-system and economic development around the world — is increasingly threatened by an overwhelming demand.

Overfishing of tuna has put some types, such as the bluefin, in jeopardy. The Atlantic bluefin, especially, is a highly sought-after delicacy for sushi and sashimi in Asia, and a single fish can sometimes go for a million dollars! The bluefin is now in the “Critically Endangered” category with its population diminishing quickly due to overfishing and illegal fishing. In fact, this global epidemic has now put the bluefin tuna on the World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) avoid list.

We can do our part by giving tuna a miss and going for other seafood options instead — ones that are sustainably sourced. A small step goes a long way in preserving a precious species and keeping our earth going. Here are some restaurants in Singapore that offer delicious seafood that are sustainable.

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By Nicola Watson, April 2019

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