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7 Easy Steps To Tell If Your Designer Bag Is A Fake In Singapore

Given Singapore’s heavy shopping culture, it’s unsurprising to find out from a UOB survey that the top items on most Singapore women’s wishlist are designer handbags.

Yet not all affordably priced designer bags are the real deal, so it’s important to safeguard yourself from buying a fake bag.

Before you start shopping for pre-owned designer bags, do try the bag out at the boutique first. Most ladies tend to rely only on pictures and videos for their decision making process – which in my opinion is terribly insufficient. Go to the boutique and try out the real bag in person, to get a look at how the real deal looks on you. Trying is free of charge anyway!

Then move on to these next steps when you’re ready to shop; here are six crucial pointers to bear in mind, for your next pre-owned handbag purchase.

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This story first appeared on HerWorld, March 2015 

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