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7 GUILT-FREE Ways You Can Still Include Carbs In Your Diet

Carbs aren’t your enemy. In fact, you need carbs to replenish your energy stores when they’re low. The trick is to choose whole foods over processed ones. We’ll show you how.

Whether it’s potatoes, pasta, bread or rice, starchy staples are what most Singaporeans crave for their meals. News flash: There’s nothing wrong with that. Although fad diets like Paleo and Keto encourage you to go low carb + high protein and fat, many experts say that refuelling the body, especially post-workout, is more effective when carbs as well as protein are replenished. This means not ditching the carbs, but rather making a switch to healthier choices. In doing so, you’ll feel better, replenish your glycogen stores and stimulate muscle growth.

Click through for 7 simple hacks to make your carbs work better for you:

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By Zoe Zeng, Updated by Sandhya Mahadevan, December 2018

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