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7 Habits You Should Practice To Keep Your Wardrobe Organised Effortlessly

By Finder blogger: Nathalie Ricaud, professional organiser and founder of Get Organised & Beyond

So how do you feel now that you’ve de-cluttered and organised your wardrobe? Relieved? Energised? A mix of all of these, I guess, but maybe also a bit worried about your ability to maintain it that way…

Well, keeping your wardrobe organised is possible if you follow these 7 tips.

1. Return things where they belong after use.

This shouldn’t be difficult now that every item has a dedicated home. Practise this consistently for 3 weeks, which is the time it takes to adopt a new habit, and it’ll become second nature.

If you have a helper, teach her where each category belongs and encourage her to ask questions if she’s unsure instead of putting clothes away in a random place. Labelling shelves and drawers can help. 

2. Do a daily tidy-up.

It’s good to end the day by making sure that everything has been returned where it belongs so that you can start the next day on a clean state. It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. Otherwise, it means your system needs evaluation.

3. Purge regularly and more often.

Things accumulate very quickly. Have a schedule to go through your belongings and purge at least once a year.

Even better, don’t put back in your cabinets clothes you know you won’t be wearing again or that you no longer love. Throw right away clothes that are not in good condition and can’t be altered and have a box or bag in a closet for clothes you can give away or sell.  When the box or bag is full, deal with it. 

4. Buy only what you need.

Have a list of things you need to buy and as much as you can, stick to your list. I don’t mean that you should deprive yourself of the pleasure of the occasional impulse purchase. But if you can reduce your impulse purchases by say 50% or even 20%, it’s better than nothing, don’t you think?

Don’t buy on sales unless it is on your shopping list. Resist the urge to buy when you can rent or borrow. For example, an evening gown for a themed party that realistically you will be wearing only once.

5. Play the number game.

I am sure you have heard the rule “one in / one out” i.e. if you buy new jeans, chuck or donate an old pair. But what about you challenge yourself if you own too many clothes, or shoes, or jewellery, and try “one in / two out”? 

6. Rationalise.

Embrace the capsule wardrobe concept by having a collection of essential items of clothing that do not go out of fashion, and therefore can be worn for multiple seasons. Update your collection with seasonal pieces to provide something to wear for any occasion without buying many new items of clothing.

7. Review your system.

You will need to review your wardrobe organisation to adapt to life changes, for example, when you become a mother, or when you change career. 

Bonus tip: Go on a clothes diet.

I know it may sound a bit daunting, but I went through a clothes and accessories diet myself for 14 months and it turns out to be a great experience.  I had a couple of “accidents” within the first 3 months, but it became easier as the months passed by.  In the end, it helped me have more clarity on my relationships with clothes and the circumstances in which I was wearing them, or not.

So, what do you think?  Would you be tempted to try, maybe for one month?  If so, let me know, I’d be happy to provide moral support if needed. 

Don’t know how to get started, or stuck in a disorganised rut? Have a question you’d like answered? Send them over, and find them answered in an upcoming blog post!

About Nathalie Ricaud

Nathalie Ricaud is a Professional Organiser and the founder of Get Organised & Beyond, a Singapore-based company that helps individuals and families de-clutter and get organised so that they can regain control over their space, their time and most importantly their sanity.

She is also the author of a blog and gives plenty of tips on her Facebook page to help you make your life a little more organised. 

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