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7 Natural Ways to Ease Morning Sickness

The sight of your favourite dish turns you off. The scent he wears makes you feel like throwing up. And you can’t keep your food down. Use our easy tips to combat morning sickness…


1. Got Ginger?

Adding a few slices of ginger to your water or a hot cup of tea can help as ginger has long been touted as a stomach soother. Alternatively, opt for ginger ale if you’d like a little fizz.


2. Pack on the H20

Keep yourself well hydrated, as dehydration can contribute to nausea. If you don’t like drinking plain water, try adding slices of cucumber or lemon to make it more palatable. If you still can’t keep anything down, treat yourself to a frozen fruit stick. It’ll help you replenish the sugars lost through vomiting, while keeping you hydrated since it’s made from water.


3. Shrink Your Portions

Instead of three large meals in a day, aim for five or six smaller ones instead. Add on a protein snack and fruit slices to ensure your stomach is filled at all times.


4. Say No To Spice

For some, fatty and spicy foods and caffeine can trigger morning sickness. Avoiding these types of foods may help tone down your symptoms, and it’s also healthier.


5. Know Your Triggers

With pregnancy and hormonal changes, come a heightened sense of smell. Several smells may cause episodes of nausea and a general feeling of being unwell. Pay close attention to your daily routine to see which smells act as triggers (it could often be smells you used to love), and once you’ve identified what they are, avoid them.


6. Keep Yourself Occupied

Distractions can help take your mind off the nausea. Try going for short walks, or occupying yourself with a checklist to prepare for baby’s arrival.


7. Rest Well

Good rest will help you feel better. If it’s too bright in the room, try a sleep mask or heavy curtains to block out the light. A maternity body pillow can also help support your growing belly as you sleep.


The Finder, June 2015

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