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7 Pet Relocation Services in Singapore

If you’re unable to handle your pet’s import requirements, then the easiest way to bring your beloved pet with you is to engage a pet relocation company. The following pet relocation companies can offer you and your pet a hassle-free transition.


1. Peter’s Pet Services

This one-stop shop will have your pet delivered right to your doorstep with zero complications. Tel: 6256 5109, Email: peterpet@singnet.com.sg, www.peterpet.com.sg


2. Jason’s Pet Relocation Services

Check out Jason’s website for a handy guide on how to “crate-train” your pet so it won’t be anxious when it’s time to fly. Tel: 8112 3290,Email: jason@petrelocationsg.www.petrelocationsg.com


3. Kev’s Posh Pet Services

Kev’s offers boarding and transportation for your pet to anywhere in the world. How’s that for convenient? Tel: 9730 0296, E-mail: kppetsvs@singnet.com.sg or kppetsvs@gmail.com, www.kppetsvs.com


4. Mitchville Relopet

Not sure what cage to get for your pet? Mitchville can supply International Air Transport Association approved (IATA) cages for your pet’s travel. Tel: 6482 0084, Email: enquiries@mitchville.com.sg, www.mitchville.com.sg


5. Pet Movers

Besides importing and exporting your precious pets, Pet Movers offers boarding kennels, obedience training and other useful pet-related services. Tel: 6581 3688, Email: info@petmovers.com.sg, www.petmovers.com.sg


6. Shiloh Animal Express

Besides dogs and cats, Shiloh Animal Express also offers relocation services for horses and the occasional exotic animal. Tel: 1 800 474 4564 or 8118 9620, Email: transport@shilohanimalex.com, www.shilohanimalex.com


7. Ricted Kennels

Aside from personally greeting your pet upon arrival, Ricted personnel will deliver your pet to your doorstep upon completion of the quarantine period. Tel: 6338 7665, Email: ricted@singnet.com.sg, www.rictedkennels.com


Read about Singapore’s Pet Regulations here.


By Hazel Vincent De Paul, The Finder, September 2015

Photo: 123rf.com

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