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How Adolescent Health Screening In Singapore Can Aid In Understanding Children’s Key TRANSITIONAL Years

When your child reaches puberty, it can be a challenging time for everyone in the family.

Which is why adolescent health screenings offered by International Medical Clinic (IMC) Singapore can aid in understanding these key transitional years. Confusing physical and mental changes can be hard to navigate and a lack of understanding can lead to frustration – with questions such as “Is this normal?” to “Does everyone else feel this way?”.

Here, Dr. Shivani Paliwal, a paediatric-trained doctor who is based at International Medical Clinic’s (IMC’s) Children’s Clinic in Camden, explains how a health screening for adolescents in Singapore can help to assess which level of development they are at and identify any areas of concern.

Who’s It For?

Adolescent Health Screening Singapore

IMC’s health screenings are tailored for a niche group: individuals aged 10 to 18 years old. This is often a tricky period between childhood and adulthood, and there are few (if any) tailored health screenings available to meet the needs of tweens and teens.

Why it’s Important

Adolescent Health Screening Singapore

It’s not just the physical body that is transforming; the onset of puberty brings on changes that make adolescents emotionally labile. Teenagers face very different challenges from their parents’: struggles with peer pressure, self-awareness and bullying are all issues that may impact them. Our adolescent health screenings create an opportunity to check in on their mental health. Most importantly, it gives the family a pathway on how to deal with worrisome issues.

Physical health is also important to check at this age and, given that young adults have a significantly higher morbidity rate, screenings can be an important time to review eating habits and intervene as necessary. In addition, it is an opportunity for them to learn about healthy lifestyle habits.

Creating Meaningful Doctor Visits

Adolescent Health Screening Singapore

Gaining young people’s confidence is hard, especially for those who may be struggling. Adolescent health screenings at IMC are designed to initiate meaningful dialogue and open a healthy relationship of trust between doctor and patient. Adolescent Health Screenings are available at all IMC Clinics.

adolescent health screening singapore

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By Dr. Shivani Paliwal for The Finder Kids Vol. 30, March 2021 / Images: Shutterstock + 123RF.com

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