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How To Adopt A Pet In Singapore: Find Out The How-Tos In Adopting A FUR-mily Member!

Has staying home more frequently got you thinking about how to adopt a pet? You’re not alone!

Animal welfare groups in Singapore as well as in other countries have reported that interest in pet adoption and fostering has increased since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020. But it’s important to consider these five factors before making the decision to adopt a pet.

5 Facts to Consider


1. Where do you live?

If you stay in an HDB flat, you are allowed to adopt only pets that are HDB-approved. For instance, cats are not allowed. But, if you stay in private housing, you can adopt any pet you desire!

2. Who lives with you?

If someone at home is allergic to fur, hypoallergenic pets (animals that shed fur minimally, or not at all) might be the answer. Do you live with your elderly parents? An energetic animal underfoot may not be a safe option. Is your helper afraid of certain animals, or avoids them for religious or other reasons? Check that these issues are addressed.

3. What is your lifestyle?

Do you have a busy schedule, or are your days pretty flexible? Are you an active person, or more sedentary? If you prefer to chill at home, it might be better to opt for a rabbit or hamster, both of which tend to be easier to care for (ditto for most birds and reptilian animals). Dogs and cats typically require more time and effort. Dogs, in particular, require companionship and will likely need to be walked or let outside multiple times a day. If you decide to adopt a pet despite your busy schedule, find one with energy levels that match your lifestyle (for instance, consider a4n older dog).

4. Do you have experience with pets?

Some animals at local shelters have gone through traumatic experiences or faced violence, and require a more experienced owner. If you are a first-time pet owner, do take the time to learn more about the history of a potential adoptee. Want to gain experience before you commit? Spend some time volunteering at an animal welfare group.

5. Can you afford a pet?

Budget for food, supplies and at least one veterinarian visit each year. Most cats, rabbits and especially dogs will need to be licensed, vaccinated and microchipped – requirements that are typically included in adoption fees. In addition, when your dog or cat reaches six months old, it will need to be sterilised. Sterilisation runs anywhere between $150 and $500 here. Rabbits should be sterilised too – bucks by six months, and does by eight months. Thinking about adopting a cat? It will require a significant amount of home preparation, including meshing windows, as well as main gate grilles if they are spaced wide enough to allow a cat to pass through.

Where To Adopt

The following animal welfare groups in SG offer the adoption of dogs, cats, rabbits and even hamsters. Read on to learn where you can go to adopt a furry companion.

1. Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)


By rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming stray dogs, ASD strives to help as many pooches as possible.

Animals for adoption: Dogs Adoption fee: $230 to $350
Duration of adoption process: Two weeks to a month
Adoption process:
1. Browse the Dogs For Adoption section and give Likes to the dogs you are interested in.

2. Fill in the adoption form.

3. An Adoption Counsellor will contact you to discuss your experience and expectations. You can find out more about the dog(s) you Liked.

4. Set a date and time for an optional bonding session, where you and at least one member of your household will meet your dog of choice.

5. More bonding sessions will be arranged should you need more time to decide.

6. If you choose to adopt, you will need to visit the centre or foster home and sign an adoption agreement and bring the dog home.

7. Under the adoption agreement, you have to allow home visits, roughly two weeks to one month after the adoption.

Action for Singapore Dogs
80 Lim Chu Kang Ln., 718911

2. Cat Welfare Society (CFW)


By engaging the community, CWS tries to create a humane society where every cat in Singapore has a safe place to call home.

Animals for adoption: Cats
Adoption fee: $40 to $80
Duration of adoption process: Varies
Adoption process: Varies according to what is put forth by the cat’s owner or fosterer.

Cat Welfare Society

3. Animal Lovers League (ALL)


ALL works towards matching the animals it houses with loving and committed families.

Animals for adoption: Dogs and cats Adoption fee: $0
Duration of adoption process: One month
Adoption process:
1. Learn more about the animals up for adoption on its website or social media pages.

2. Get in touch with the team about any animals you are interested in.

3. Meet and interact with them.

4. You will be interviewed and visited at home to ensure your home is a good fit for the potential adoptee.

5. Your pet of choice will stay with you for two weeks.

6. If it’s a good fit, you will need to sign an adoption form.

Animal Lovers League
The Animal Lodge, 58 Sungei Tengah Rd., #01-29 Block Q, 699014

4. Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS)


CAS’ goal is to save the lives of the unfortunate and unwanted stray animals in Singapore.

Animals for adoption: Dogs and cats
Adoption fee: $100 for puppies; $250 to $500 for dogs; $100 to $150 for kittens and cats
Duration of adoption process: Varies
Adoption process:
1. Fill in the pre-adoption questionnaire.

2. Make an appointment to spend time with the animals you are interested in. You are required to bring all of the family members residing in the same household. You can bring your pets on subsequent visits.

3. E-mail CAS to inform them about your interest.

4. Fill up a pre-adoption form. If you are chosen by CAS to be a potential adopter, your home will be visited by the team and your selected dog or cat.

5. It will stay with you for a week. If it’s a good fit, you will need to sign an adoption form.

Causes for Animals Singapore
26 Eng Hoon St., 169776

By Jashleen Kaur, March 2021 / Updated by Isabel Wibowo, March 2021 / Images: credited to respective businesses and social media pages 

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