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Ask The Expert: I’m Nervous About Trying IVF! What If It Doesn’t Work?


It’s important for couples to understand that in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) does not offer a 100-percent guarantee that it will work, says Tanja Faessler-Moro, fertility counsellor at counselling connectz

It can help a majority of couples to increase chances of a successful pregnancy that a natural or less invasive approach may not offer. But, the process of an IVF can have an impact on the emotional and physical well-being. And for that, it’s absolutely key to feel emotionally and mentally ready for this journey.

Why is it so important to stay positive?
It’s very simple – the most important reproductive hormones are regulated by our pituitary gland and the reproductive organs. Our pituitary gland is in direct contact with our hypothalamus, which acts like a “decision maker” of whether our senses allow us to feel relaxed and happy or stressed out and feeling down. The more positive we feel about ourselves, the more hormonally balanced we are – and calm and confident to deal with the different outcomes of IVF or a fertility journey in general, says Tanja.

What methods do you use to help clients stay positive?
Our certified fertility counsellors use a variety of methods, which can range from couple’s counseling and visualisation to hypnotherapy. There is no “shelf” approach – all the techniques are customised to our clients’ needs.

One solution-focused coaching concept we teach is: “Release. Accept. Focus.”

  • Release means to let go of limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and areas of life that are out of our control.
  • Accept suggests to be in the present, accept others and ourselves, and embrace decisions we’re making today for tomorrow.
  • Focus on the positive things that are surrounding us, feeling grateful for that smile or chat with a friend; focus our energies on those areas in our lives that we can control.


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From The Finder Kids Vol. 24, September 2018

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