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ASK THE EXPERT: How Can A Chiropractor Benefit My Child’s Development?

Does no pain mean no problem? Pinnacle Chiropractic sheds light on why you should bring your child to see a chiropractor. 

Why should I take my child to a chiropractor if he has no symptoms and isn’t in any obvious pain?

This is the most common question we get from parents, especially ones who have never seen a chiropractor for themselves. Until recently, many people thought about health in a reactive way – we get sick, we go see the doctor. Nowadays, more parents have started nurturing their children’s health in a proactive, holistic way. Instead of waiting for symptoms to begin, they see chiropractors early on, before any onset of illness, sickness or developmental delay. The very best time to get your children checked by your family chiropractor is as soon as possible after birth.

How would my child benefit from seeing a family chiropractor?

Regular chiropractic adjustments can help protect your child’s natural immunity and promote overall health and wellbeing. In our practice, these are the top five reasons parents bring in their children:

1. To help optimise the child’s brain and body development
2. To reduce and overcome potential traumas from the birth process
3. To begin developing proper mobility and removing any structural imbalances or postural restrictions
4. To aid in strengthening the body’s natural immunity response
5. To help keep a clear brain and body connection at all times

What should I expect when I take my child to see a chiropractor?

As chiropractors, we know that the body is always on a path toward health – your body strives to be healthy. Misalignments in a newborn’s spine and subsequent stress to his or her nerve system can interfere with that affinity for health. After a thorough consultation and an examination of your child’s spine and nerve system, your doctor will use his or her hands to gently and specifically correct misalignments.

At Pinnacle, the chiropractic adjustment for newborns through early childhood is unique and specially tailored for each child. For newborns and babies, the pressure placed on their spine is the same as checking the ripeness of a tomato at the market. Kids generally are apprehensive at their first visit (as with any other doctor’s office), but after a few visits, they often end up hopping on the table with a smile as soon as they come into the office.

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Drs. Derek and Janelle are honours graduates of Life Chiropractic College West in California. Receiving a highest award in Clinical Excellence, Janelle is also a postpartum doula. Their chiropractic clinic, in Singapore for five years, focuses on family health and paediatrics.

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