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Ask The Expert: How Can I Encourage My Child To ENJOY Reading?

Not sure what you can do to get your little one to love reading?

Teacher Librarian, Michaela Dalgleish from the Australian International School shares some tips…

There are many different ways parents can foster a love of reading in their children. When asked this question, I often find myself quoting Megan Daley, a highly acclaimed Teacher Librarian in Brisbane, Australia, who recommends:
• Model good reading. It is important as adults to invest time to model reading habits. You’ll be surprised how quickly it catches on for your little ones.
• Make the book ‘come alive’. Attend events that give your child the opportunity to meet the author or illustrator of different books. Digital platforms are also great to provide your child with a personalised and interactive reading experience.
• Pick the right books at the right time. The Australian International School (AIS) Library Network encourages children to have a healthy book diet and sample a range of different books.

What about children with learning differences?

The following suggestions can help to improve the reading experience for children of all reading levels:
Try read-alouds with audio narration and the use of strong literacy apps. These approaches will not only help students to become better decoders, they also increase their levels of comprehension and understanding of the story – ultimately boosting their overall experience with reading.
Graphic novels, or novels in a comic strip format, cover a wide array of genres and subjects. They are designed to encourage the reader to actively engage with the text, deciphering the interplay between images and words. Graphic novels are fantastic for visual learners.

How do you feel about children reading on devices?

Nothing beats the feeling of holding a book in your hands when reading – it is very tactile. But I am a fan of reading on devices, too. With the ability to access and download multifunctional, multilingual, interactive and adaptive book apps, we really can unlock the doors to the world of reading at any time, for any child. Of course, as with anything in life, screen time needs to be monitored and in moderation.

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From The Finder, Issue 304 / Kirstie-mae Baptist

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