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Ask The Expert: My Child Is Having Troubles Transitioning To Her New School In Singapore

Transitioning to a new environment can be a challenge for children as well as parents.

At Australian International School, the classroom teacher and the school’s Welfare team see the following traits as indicators that a child is finding the transition somewhat challenging: changes in behaviour, ongoing anxiety, negative attitude to attending school and complaints of feeling unwell.

These traits are normal for a child transitioning to a new school although should they continue for an extended period of time, support from the school should be sought.

What steps can I take to ensure that my child adjusts to a new school environment?
An important step parents can take is to communicate with their child. Positively framed questions like “What was the best thing about your day at school today?” or “What was the most fun thing you did at school today?” are questions that can be the beginning point of a continued affirming dialogue around school life.

How can I work with school educators to help my child adapt?
First and foremost, families should be connecting with their child’s teacher to gain an understanding of the aspects of school life where their child is thriving and where (if any) there are challenges. These challenges can be worked through with the support of the school’s student welfare team.

The only international school in Singapore for students aged 2 months to 18 years that operates on a Southern hemisphere school year, Australian International School (AIS) off ers a combination of robust Australian and international curriculum pathways to ensure that students reach their full potential.

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From The Finder Issue 301, December 2019

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