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This Austrian Park Transforms Into An UNDERWATER Wonderland Every Year And It’s MAJESTIC!

Bucket list alert!

This is Austria’s Grüner See (“Green Lake” in English), located at the foot of the Austrian Hochschwab mountains.

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Yeah, it’s undeniably stunning, but no biggie otherwise, right?


As winter ebbs into spring each year, the snow and ice on the towering Hochschwab begin to melt, submerging the basin of land below the mountains, along with all the park tracks, bridges, and trees, into a stunning underwater oasis.

An unsuspecting park bench in Winter (top)… and in Spring (bottom).

The average lake level rises from one to two meters to a whooping 10-12 meters, and covers an area of up to 4,000 square meters – twice the area of the lake in the wintertime. The result of this unusual natural phenomenon is a mystical diving landscape.

The lake’s majestic emerald green colour comes from the submerged foliage – and hence its name.

One to put on our travel bucket list – and yours, too!

By Pinky Chng, last updated October 2019 / Images: Marc Henauer

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